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Cooler Bag

Nov 14

A great way to increase brand recognition is cooler bag

The versatility of adaptable cooler bags is endless

Many people don't realize how versatile cooler bag can be. While insulated bags are great for carrying on trips or keeping drinks cold at parties, you can also keep frozen items in your car so that they stay cool on the way home. You can also use an insulated custom cooler bag to keep food warm until it is time to be served. Reusable cooler bags are great for taking hot or cold dishes to parties or potlucks. Reusable cooler bags have soft sides so they take up little space after cleaning. They can also be stored in a closet, pantry or under your car seat when not in use.

Keep it Small

While large cooler bags are useful, there are times when you may need an insulated bag. But try to think smaller. A reusable insulated lunch bag with your logo printed on it is a great option. It is also much more eco-friendly than brown bagging lunch. You can also take snacks and drinks on your car trip with you in smaller insulated bags. Compact bags allow clients to pack snacks and lunches and can be carried to work with them. This will increase brand recognition and help you get more customers.

You can easily use a smaller cooler bag for lunch several times per week. This is a great way to increase brand visibility. A large custom cooler bag may be a good fit for your brand. However, a smaller bag with insulated insulation will fill a greater need and get more use.

Make your Vision a Reality

We can also make a custom cooler bag for you, in addition to our standard options. You can choose the handle style, the bag size and shape, the color and printing options, and the closure type. If you choose to use an insulated lunch bag style, add a mesh pocket to the side for a water bottle. To help you spread the word, we can print on all four sides of your cooler bag. This is a great deal considering the amount of customization that's possible.

We can help you design a unique cooler bag that promotes your brand. Check out our collection reusable cooler bags to get started.