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Which 360 Photo Booth is the Best in Wolverhampton UK?

Oct 12

If you’re planning a special event and want to add something fun for your guests, then you should consider hiring a photo booth Wolverhampton. These booths offer a variety of templates and backdrops, and many even have social media sharing. One of the newest options is the magic mirror hire, which is taking the party world by storm.

Wards Entertainment

Whether you’re planning a wedding or corporate event, Wards Entertainment can make your special day extra memorable with their photo booth hire. Their booths are fully enclosed and come with a ring light that helps create bright, flattering photographs. They also offer a variety of props and backdrops to add a fun element to the experience. They even provide an online gallery for guests to access their photographs.

They have packages that are perfect for weddings, birthday parties, and other events. They will set up the booth at your venue and provide a dedicated attendant to assist your guests throughout the night. They can also help you create a unique photo album for your big day.

The 360 video booth is one of the newest and most cutting-edge entertainment and event experiences available. It uses a rotating camera to capture slow-motion video and can be customised with overlay graphics, a backdrop, a survey, or other custom elements. It is a great choice for weddings, corporate events, and brand activations. It can be rented for as little as two hours.


A 360 photo booth is a great way to attract attendees for a marketing event. It allows people to create unique slo-mo videos and GIFs, which they can then share on their social media accounts. These can help them generate brand awareness and grow their followers. A professional photographer can be hired to capture these moments, ensuring that they are of high quality and are perfect for the event’s theme.

There are a few different types of 360 photo booths for sale. Some are automated, while others have a manual spin mechanism. Both are user-friendly and portable, and they do not require a power source. Some models even have a one-click trigger, which makes them even more convenient.

Another advantage of a 360 photo booth is that it can be used for a variety of events, including weddings and birthday parties. It is also ideal for capturing still photos and a video, and it is much faster than traditional booths. In addition, it can produce a variety of effects, such as blurred backgrounds and a 3D effect.

Unlike regular photo booths, which often use a ring light and a large backdrop, a 360 booth uses a special app to create the effects. The Touch Pix software can easily add a background and create an animated overlay, which makes it easier to engage the audience and make your event memorable.

Magic Mirror Hire

The Magic Selfie Mirror is a fun alternative to a standard photo booth. Housed in a beautiful ornate frame, this sleek and sophisticated photo booth takes your event to the next level. It features a ring light to create flattering and vibrant photographs, as well as a variety of props and backdrops to create unique and interesting images. It also offers social media sharing and an online photo gallery to give your guests a glimpse into the fun of your big day.

The mirror interacts with participants via colourful animations and entertaining voice guidance. As soon as a guest approaches the mirror, it invites them to touch the screen and pose for photos. The photos are instantly printed, giving your guests a keepsake to take home. The Magic Selfie Mirror can even record a short video for your guests.

Unlike traditional photo booths, Magic Mirrors capture photos in portrait format and allow your guests to fully show off their outfits. In addition, the booth can be used for a guestbook, and your Booth Specialist will encourage your guests to leave a message next to their photo.

The Magic Mirror is an excellent choice for weddings, birthdays, and other special events. This unique photo booth is sure to make your event stand out and provide your guests with hours of entertainment.

Photo Booth Hire Wolverhampton

When planning an event, a photo booth is a great way to add a fun element and create lasting memories for your guests. It is a popular addition to weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, and other special occasions. Whether you are looking for a classic or state-of-the-art booth, professional photo booth providers offer a variety of themes and customization options to fit your style and budget.

With a traditional photo booth, your guests can take selfies and group photos with props and backdrops. A dedicated attendant will be on hand to help your guests and make sure they have a great time. The booth prints high-quality images that are perfect for social media sharing and keepsakes. You can also use the prints to put together a guest book or add your custom signature to it.

If you want to spice up your party, consider hiring a magic mirror photo booth. These innovative booths show your reflection like a regular mirror but then double as a touchscreen, allowing you to personalise your photos. You can write on the screen or draw a picture, choose from a selection of emoji stamps, and then print your snap instantly. Magic mirrors are a popular choice for weddings and parties, and are available throughout Wolverhampton. They are cheaper than traditional photo booths, and come with free backdrops and props to make your event even more memorable.

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